The Best Wine Making Kits of 2021: Top 5 Reviewed top_banner

The Best Wine Making Kits of 2021: Top 5 Reviewed

A wine making kit usually comprises of all the basic supplies and equipment. All this a winemaker would need to produce homemade wine. See our top picks for 2020!

VEVOR - Wine Making Boiler Home Kit with Thermometer

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest Fruit Wine Making Kit

Enshey Alcohol Distiller - Home Brew Still Wine Making Tools Boiler

The Best Wine Making Kits of 2021

Wine is a very old drink. It has a very long history of development and consumption. Even several years ago, it was difficult to imagine how to make wine at home. Nowadays, you have far more possibilities to make a wonderful drink at home with the best wine making kits.

When you have all the necessary equipment, it becomes simple. Moreover, it is a very exciting process, which does not always require a lot of space and time. Unfortunately, you will not be able to create a delicious replica of your favorite brands. However, you can be sure to spend a wonderful time. If you complete all the stages from the manual, you can be sure to enjoy a wonderful wine in the end.

On the market, you can find plenty of various kits for beginners. Most of them have standard tools and ingredients to make wine at home. Wine homemaking kits have certain benefits, which you are able to receive:

  • You know the ingredients of your wine;
  • The equipment can be used multiple times;
  • You do not have to construct the distiller by yourself from random details;
  • It is cheap to buy new ingredients to make another wine;
  • Most kits have manuals that help to accomplish all stages of winemaking properly.

While preparing of getting a home winemaking kit it is better to get the best winemaking book. Not every manufacturer offers them with the main tools. However, they are very important when you want to try this process for the first time. Therefore, it is important to learn more about each offer as much as possible in order to be satisfied with the purchase.

The Comparison Table of Best Wine Making Kits

Master Vintner Wine Making Equipment Starter KitMaster Vintner
Wine Making
Equipment Starter

  • Material
    Plastic & glass

  • Specialization

  • Manual in the kit

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest wine making kitMaster Vintner
Fresh Harvest

  • Material

  • Specialization

  • Manual in the kit
    Recipe book

VEVOR Water Alcohol DistillerVEVOR - Water
Alcohol Distiller

  • Material
    Stainless Steel

  • Specialization
    Wine, Whiskey, Brandy...

  • Manual in the kit
    Not included

Slsy Efficient Electric DistillerSlsy – Efficient
Electric Distiller

  • Material
    Stainless Steel

  • Specialization
    Wine, liquor, whisky, vodka

  • Manual in the kit
    Not included

Enshey Alcohol DistillerEnshey Alcohol

  • Material
    Stainless Steel, Red Copper

  • Specialization
    Wine, liquor

  • Manual in the kit


Master Vintner – Simple to Use Red Wine Kit


To make wine at home you need plenty of various tools and ingredients. If you like adventures, then Master Vintner Starter Kit is ready to help you. It has everything you need to make wine at home. The manual with all instructions is included. Simply by following it you can install the distiller and start brewing.

The kit has multiple various tools. Glass and plastic containers are suitable for fresh wine juice. With a steering spoon, you can keep the brew in proper condition. To clean them, you receive special brushes and detergents.

  • It has all you need to start making wine;
  • Both containers of high volumes;
  • In the kit, you receive detergents to sterilize.
  • The plastic tools are not very reliable

Master Vintner Fresh Harvest – The Best Kit For Beginners


You are curious about making wine at home, but spending a lot of money is not what you want? Then you need a master Vintner Fresh Harvest kit. It is one of the cheapest options with all the needed components. You simply follow the recipe book and in one hour, the brew will be ready.

With purchase, you receive a glass and plastic container with an aerometer. They are necessary to control the quality of the drink you are making.

  • It is a cheap kit for beginners;
  • A recipe book is very helpful;
  • It comes in a convenient box.
  • It is not suitable for large volumes

Vevor – Multitask Kit To Make Home Wine


Sometimes to make wine at home you need one proper distiller. That is what Vevor offers you. The unit is made of 304 stainless steel, which is suitable for making alcoholic drinks.

With the largest capacity of 70L, you are able to prepare plenty of wonderful home wine. There also models with less capacity. Inbuilt cooling part and thermometer it is easy to control the brewing process.

  • It has many inbuilt features;
  • You can heat it using different options;
  • A large volume of the tank.
  • It is difficult to clean it properly

Slsy – Efficient Electric Distiller


To make wine at home in small amounts and in a simple way, Slsy distiller what you can be interested in. This electric device is made of 304 stainless steel. It does not take a lot of space and you may even place it in the kitchen.

This Electric countertop moonshine is in high demand due to its simplicity and convenience. Therefore, it is perfect for beginner winemakers. This machine is stable and durable, suitable for distilling and brewing wine, whiskey and other beverages.

  • It does not require a lot of space;
  • You can use it to make various drinks;
  • It has a wonderful activated carbon filter.
  • The very small volume

Enshey – The Most Reliable Unit To Make Wine


In case, you would like to get a wonderful tool, which you plan to use for many years, then Enshey is what you would love. The whole unit is made of 304 stainless steel. It has some tubes made of red copper, which enrich wine flavor. It has only 20L but it is quite enough to make home wine in a normal amount.

  • Reliable proper stainless steel material;
  • Helpful accessories;
  • Simple to wash.
  • It is not that simple to install

Buyers Guide

What are the best winemaking kits? That is a common question among beginners. It is always necessary to get the right equipment to enjoy the winemaking process, without unexpected issues. On the market, you will encounter various manufacturers with their special offers.

Each kit has a certain amount of components, which are suitable for different purposes. In addition, there are important points that help to evaluate the quality of the best homemade wine kits. By learning them, you obtain helpful information to get a wonderful option.


From the very beginning when you buy a kit to make wine at home, you have certain expectations. The evaluation of personal preferences greatly helps to get what you actually want and need. If you plan to make only wine, then you do not need something very expensive that is suitable for other alcoholic drinks also. In case, you would like to experiment with other options, then multifunctional kits are more suitable.

Types of Kits

After knowing personal expectations of what product should be in the end, you should decide on the kit type. The equipment has to match the requirements like maintaining proper temperature, the capacity of liquid, and compatibility with grape varietals.

Among the best wine kits, the volume plays a major role. With bigger units, you are able to have more share of grapes to water. As the result, you receive wine with a higher alcohol percentage and juice taste. You may encounter tools with such capacities:

  • 10L;
  • 12L;
  • 15L;
  • 16L;
  • 18L;
  • 23L.

It is possible to find other volumes too, but they are just not that widespread on the market.


While buying a winemaking kit for home, you expect to receive in working order. Because quality plays a very important part of the selection. If you buy it online, the very first thing that you should do is check the tightness. There should not be any leaks of air and especially water.
While checking the unit it is better to run it with hot water. You will be able to see if there are any steam leaks from pipes. Moreover, hot temperatures influence the materials, which have to endure different loads.
Another part of kits consists of actual ingredients to make wine. Their quality directly influences what wine you will receive in the end. Therefore, it may be wise not to take the cheapest offers on the market and ask sellers about them.


The quality of the distilling unit from the kit directly depends on the materials it has been made from. If you want to make

Stainless Steel

While searching for the best red wine kit, you should prefer stainless steel. It is the most reliable material for the distiller. However, the steel can be of different markings. To be sure, of the quality of homemade wine, you need to get the 304.

In the winemaking process, distillers interact with various acids. Stainless steel of such a category is it affected by them. It is suitable to be used in making various drinks, besides wine. Moreover, it does not influence the taste and flavor of the brew and the final product.


If you need something very convenient and simple to use, then you need plastic. This light material is very common. Many components of the kit can be made of it. However, while choosing plastic units there are several important points.

In the beginning, it has to be safe plastic, which is suitable for acids and food. Otherwise, it may interact with the wine and make it dangerous to consume. Therefore, it has to be polyethylene terephthalate or simply PET plastic.

This material is very easy to use due to its weight, but you should be careful while washing it. The sponge should not have any sharp parts and only the soft side has to be used. Otherwise, if you scratch the plastic bottle from inside, bacteria easily get into them. While making wine or other drinks next time, it may easily spoil. To clean used plastic containers you need to use specific detergents.


Sometimes with wine kits, you may get glass containers. They are heavy and reliable when you need to preserve alcoholic drinks for a long duration. It is simple to sterilize them, what a great benefit.
Speaking about the negative side, glass is heavy. When you have a large glass container, you will need assistance to carry it. Moreover, to wash such a unit, it is less convenient to carry around.

Red Copper

In-home winemaking kits it is not very common to find tubes or parts made of red copper. It is a specific material, which brings its advantages with disadvantages. From the start, it allows you to get a better flavor and taste of the wine as red copper interacts with the acid. Old breweries often use them in large quantities to give alcohol drinks a special taste.
From the disadvantages, it is cleaning. As red copper interacts with acid, it oxidizes. It is very important to clean it before the next brewing. Tubes can be very small and of various shapes. You may simply clean them with citric acid from the kitchen. It is just time-consuming.

Kit Components

Each winemaking kit consists of various components. The more useful tools you receive the easier process becomes. But sometimes, you receive one distiller, which is multifunctional due to its various details.

Reliable steering tool. You may need to steer the brew from time to time. The tool has to be made of proper plastic or wood;

Aerometer. Such a tool is needed to check the percent of the sugar in brewing mash. The more it is, the stronger the alcohol drink you receive;

Wine Siphon. Is a tool, which attaches in the middle of the tube between the distiller and the container. It allows easily to pour wine into multiple bottles.

Required Time

Everyone knows that to make a wine you need a lot of time. While making wine at home with a kit it may take less time. Depending on the option you select, you will be able to taste wonderful homemade wine in 4 weeks or up to 18 months. When you buy kits, pay attention to yeast in the instruction. It influences the brew and time you need to wait. So this is where you should be patient.


It is great when you can make wine at home. Most wine kits are simple to use as they have instructions. After trying to make one, you may use a utensil to make others. To get the best home winemaking kit you should evaluate personal preferences with a budget. Depending on your selection, you will have a brewing process of various difficulties.

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